Stay-at-home Nails

Oh girl, I LOVE your nails! 

I see you just waiting to escape to your fairytale land that is the local Nail Salon. Me too. Me too. 

I am a die hard nail salon girl. You can't replace my pedicure. My alone time. The great conversation with nail girls. Y'all. I need it back!!

I was on a mission to find something to replace my normal nail salon manicure for the time being. And I found it.

I love Color Street, I have for the past few years. I used it here and there. Maybe when I needed to watch my budget and had to sacrifice my nail trips, short on time for an event, etc. So when this whole thing started happening, I knew I had a reliable back up plan. Praise the Lord! 

But I had an issue. I am super rough on my hands, I break nails right and left, ha see what I did there? And color street is just nail polish so I knew my nails were going to break and chip. So I needed something to help with that BEFORE I added color street. 

Dip. That's right at home dip powder. Amazon evidently thought this was essential and I got it with in a week! (Link for lot I purchased at the end)  

I've got to say, the dip powder was pretty neat. I had a few little bumps and stuff to clean up around my nail, but for my first time I thought it came out great! 

I applied the dip first, even the top coat, and wore just that for a few days to see how that lasted. Holy cow. Super impressed. 

A few days later I buffed off the top coat with the buffer that the dip kit came with. Then I applied the color street. 

I'm so impressed with how my nails look and feel right now I can't believe it! 

This will definitely hold me over until I can get back to my favorite salon!! 


 Powder Dip Nail Kit:

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